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EN 15085-2 Railway applications - Welding of railway vehicles and components

The EN 15085-2 series of standards was developed by the "Technical Committee CEN/TC 256 Railways" and introduced as ÖNORM EN 15085-2 in Austria on 01.01.2008..

It describes the production requirements for welding and defines certification classes, design and classification regulations, examination requirements and quality requirements for the welding manufacturer. Furthermore, it defines the procedure for the recognition of welding companies. The documentation for issuing the declaration of conformity of a product is also regulated in the standard. The scope of the standard covers the welding of steel, aluminium alloys and cast alloys during the manufacturing and the reparation process of railway vehicles and their components.

The series of standards EN 15085-2 consists of the following five parts:

Part 1 General information
Part 2: Quality requirements and certification of welding companies
Part 3: Construction specifications
Part 4: Manufacturing requirements
Part 5: Examination and documentation

Depending on the safety significance of the components into which the welded parts are integrated, the following four certification classes (C1, C2, C3, C4) result according to the weld quality class (CP A to CP D):

Description of the certification classes:

CL 1

Applies to welding companies that manufacture rail vehicles or their components with welded joints of the weld quality classes CP A to CP D. Certification levels CL 2 to CL 4 are included.

CL 2

Applies to welding companies that manufacture components of rail vehicles with welded joints of weld quality classes CP C2 to CP D. Included are welds of weld quality class CP C1 if these welds are tested according to weld test class CT 1 according to EN 15085-5:2007, Table 1. Certification level CL 4 is only included for components according to CL 2 or CL 3.

CL 3

Applies to welding companies that manufacture components of railway vehicles with welded joints of the weld quality class CP D.

CL 4

Applies to companies that do not weld themselves but design or purchase and assemble or purchase and sell rail vehicles and parts.

We are at your disposal with regard to the classification of your welding company into one of the four certification levels.