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SystemCERT is a certification body for products, managementsystems and personell certification, accredited by the Austrian ministry. Certification schemes, under the aspect of personnel certification, contain so far the fields of quality management, safety management, leadership, trainers, the construction sector and as a very important part of our structure – the certification of people in the metal industry in the sector of welding. The basic for all our certification schemes are the developed certification programmes on ISO 17024 which allows international recognition. Outgoing from this possibility of international recognition we work on the basics of different European instruments like EQF and NQF, ECVET, partially ECTS, Europass … to reach the target “lifelong and borderless learning on basic of an integrative acceptance in Europe”.
SystemCERT has been involved in a number of European and other transnational co-operation projects as project leader, partner and external experts for certification and management and has therefore rich experiences in the (European) co-operation field.

Next to the field of personell certification SystemCERT is especially accreditied by the Austrian ministry for the following international recognised standards: EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN ISO 3834-2, -3, -4, EN 15085-2, ISO 29990, EN ISO 50001:2011, SGM der AUVA, OHSAS 18001, SCC/SCP, EN 1090-1.