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SystemCERT Zertifizierungsges.m.b.H.

As an accredited certification body SystemCERTSystemCERT is offering services for organizations and individuals. Our high standards regarding quality are a part of our philosophy and the foundation of the cooperation with our examiners and trainers and also lived by the members of our team.

An overview of our services:

Services for individuals:

Certification of competences:

We are certifying persons with special competences, therefore we are attesting their theoretical and practical skills. The certificates are aligned to the criteria of ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17024 and accredited from Akkreditierung Austria. The trainings are held in cooperation with well-known training institutions which are orientating themselves towards our guidelines. This ensures a high level of quality of all our certificate holders.


In the area of quality management we are offering a wide range of trainings which are being held in open courses or within a company. Those trainings are also completed with an accredited certificate.

Services for organizations:

Certification of systems and products:

As an accredited certification body for management systems and products, we are certifying organizations according to given rules and regulations like EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN ISO 3834-2, -3, -4, EN 15085-2, ISO 29990, EN ISO 50001:2011, SGM der AUVA, OHSAS 18001, SCC/SCP, EN 1090-1.

Through our independent approach to audits with auditors with intra-industry experience we not only try to monitor normative criteria, but also to provide useful indications of improvement potential.

„Years of experience in the area of certification distinguish us!“
Dipl.-Ing. Franz Gruber, CEO


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