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According to ISO 17024 ("General requirements for bodies certifying persons") and the Accreditation Act of the Austrian Federal Government (AkkG - Federal Law on the Accreditation of Testing, Surveillance and Certification Bodies), the procedure for the certification of a competence requires compliance with certain framework conditions. These framework conditions are specified in the "Guideline for training places".

All the provisions contained in this guideline must be considered as binding for all the persons and organisations involved and their recognition must be defined as a compulsory condition for accreditation as a training body.

  • Application for the admission as a training institution
  • Guidelines for training institutions
  • Guidelines for the usage of signs, logos and certificates
  • Checklist of impartiality
  • Agreement on data processing of training institutions

Without an agreement to observe and comply with the provisions of these guidelines and checklist, it is not possible to be admitted as a training place or to extend an admission.

Process of the admission procedure

  1. Application for approval to Nina Hackl: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    The following documents have to be provided:
    • Application for admission (entirely completed and signed by the company)
    • Extract from the commercial register (current version, possibly extract from the register of associations)
    • Course and organisation description (curriculum)*

    We charge EUR 150,- plus 20 % VAT per competence for the processing of the approval procedure, irrespective of the result. The invoice will be issued after the application has been submitted.

    *The description of the course and organisation (curriculum) has to include the following aspects:
    • Description of the organization (size, number of employees, year of foundation)
    • Type of the offered courses and their target groups (service portfolio)
      Have training courses already been carried out regarding the competence applied for?
      If yes: since when, how many courses and with how many participants?
    • Description of your course of the competence applied for
      (Conform to the basic certification program of the respective competence)
    • Description of the qualifications Trainers and examiners appointed to this course
    • Existence of any certified quality management systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 29990, etc.
  2. Checking of the application and the documents for conformity by a committee of specialists (steering group)
  3. Result of the application
    • Negative feedback coming from the steering group:
      Forwarding of differences with regard to conformity or plausibility and adaptation of objections to the curriculum.
    • - Positive feedback coming from the steering group:
      Issue of the certificate of approval for the competence(s) applied for.
      The certificate of approval is valid for 3 years.
      The training center is listed here as an approved training center.
  4. Submitting the documents and forms required for certification
    Provision of the mandatory forms to be used by submitting the login data for the personal download area of your training place.
  5. Admission of examiners and trainers(depending on the certification program)
    Every examiner has to be approved BEFORE the first examination by a person approved by a certification body or has to be verified and approved by a certification body itself. Each examiner has to be assigned separately BEFORE each examination (depending on the CP also trainers). The certification body is obliged to supervise the performance and objectivity of all associated bodies in order to ensure the validity and value of the certification procedure.
  6. Monitoring of the training institutions
    All approved training institutions are involved in a monitoring process. This monitoring covers the three years of a validity period of the authorisation and is a necessary condition for its extension.
    The monitoring includes the following aspects:
    • On-site examinations
    • Evaluation of the provided documents by SystemCERT
    • Evaluation by the examinees

    The training places are charged the cost price of the certification body for the cost of this process. At the beginning of each admission process, a one-off charge of EUR 450 plus 20% VAT will be invoiced for 3 years per organisation.