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Personal certification area:

SystemCERT Zertifizierungsgesellschaft m.b.H., based in 8700 Leoben, Parkstraße 11, is accredited as a body that certifies persons (according to ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17024).

The certification authority includes the certification of persons in the field of joining technology:

  1. Steel welders according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9606-1
  2. Aluminium welders according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9606-2
  3. Brazing tools according to ÖNORM EN ISO 13585
  4. Testing of operators and setters ÖNORM EN ISO 14732
  5. Welding of reinforcing steel - Structural welds ÖNORM EN ISO 17660-1
  6. Welder and operator tests in the aerospace industry according to ISO 24394

We also issue test certificates according to the following regulations:

  1. Plastic welding personnel - Thermoplastic welded joints ÖNORM EN 13067
  2. Welding in domestic installations ÖNORM M 7807